Setting up for livestreaming

Table of Contents

Setup your hardware

To fully enjoy your Soundstorm experience, you will need 2 computers.

  1. One computer to stream, with a webcam and if possible an audio interface
  2. One ‘gaming’ computer to enjoy your immersive experience

Check your internet!!!

Connect both computers via a UTP cable to your router, try to avoid WIFI at all cost. You will need at least 5-10 MBPS upload speed.

To get a general idea how everything works, read our Getting Started section first

OBS Setup

How do we use OBS?

OBS is a tool used a lot by streamers on Youtube, Facebook Live and Twitch. While we recommend using OBS to enhance your livestream, OBS does not stream directly to a traditional RTMP (read stream) server. This allows you to direct your show in scenes, insert extra video material or text, use filters, etc ….

We use the OBS virtual camera, and a tool called VCable, to connect the output of OBS to our Stream Console.

Download and install the necessary tools. We use OBS and it’s virtual cam for streaming, we use V-Cable to connect your audio interface correctly to OBS.

If you already have OBS, make sure you run on the latest version.

Download | OBS (

VB-Audio Virtual Apps (

To stream, you must use Firefox or Chrome!

Setup OBS

After installing, we will setup OBS First. First of all, you need to understand that we will not use OBS to stream directly to servers (like twitch, facebook, etc …) We have our own streaming servers and clients, as this enables the realtime interaction with the audience.

First setup your OBS.

Go to Settings/ Video. Set the Scaled output to 1280×720, Set FPS to 30.

Setup your first scene

In OBS, create your first scene, and add your WEBCAM as Video Capture Device, and your Audio interface as Audio Capture Device.
We work with a FocusRite i18n20, so you will see that in the rest of the screenshots.

Setup your Audio

Now we will instruct OBS, that it should monitor all sound output, and you need to direct that to the ‘virtual cable’.

Like every cable, the virtual cable has an IN and OUT. The IN will take the audio output of OBS, and send that to the OUT. The OUT we will setup as an audio device in our steam console.

Make sure you set the CABLE Input as Monitorring device under the Advanced options.

Then, go to the advanced audio properties of your Audio Capture source (right click on the Audio Capture Source to get there), and set Audio Monitoring for the capture device (Focusrite in this case), to Monitor and Output

Setup Virtual Cam

Now we will setup OBS Virtual Cam.  This will allow your computer to use the video output of OBS as a ‘webcam’ in our web streaming interface.

Just click Start Virtual Camera.

Test your setup

Hoorah, you got here! Now you can test the setup. Please note that you can test this setup with ANY video conferencing software available.

Go to your favourite video tool, select the OBS Virtual CAM as your webcam, and the CABLE output as your Microphone.

Here you can see an example in our Soundcheck Page


But specific for you of course we have our Soundcheck page to make sure you will do amazing!

Streaming your concert

Oh yeah, the time has come to earn Eternal Glory on Soundstorm. In order to get started, go to our Venue pages, and select the venue you are planned for.

Check the following

  • do you have an artist profile setup?
  • Is this the day you have to perform? 
  • Is this your venue? 

To start streaming

  1. Login to Soundstorm first with your artist profile
  2. Go to the Soundcheck page if you want to do a last test
  3. Go to the Venues pages, and select your venue
  4. Then go to the Backstage areas of the Venue.
  5. Your livestream starts automatically when your click ‘ Click here to setup your Livestream)

If you see ‘ click here to watch this livestream, it means you are not logged in.

Please don’t forget to visit the meet and greet room after your gig …  to go to the Meet and Greet, you have to be logged into the game, and then go to the right Webcam Cafe (indicated by the name of the event of Meet and Greet in the logo or the name of the event).


This is one of the most difficult parts of livestreaming. Watch out for feedback and noise loops !

  • Do not amplify yourself in your stream room! Maximum monitors should be allowed, it doesn’t matter for your audience anyway as they will be online 🙂
  • Make sure you have a proper mix without clipping over all your audio channels
  • Yes, the audience can cheer for you and shoot up fireworks. However, it is not recommended to amplify the Immersion setup in your stream room or mix, as this could create a feedback loop (your audience applaudes, you hear it in your room, your mic picks it up and sends it back to the audience)

Some tips on video

  • Webcams on laptops are often not the potent. Use a logitech C920 or Streamcam webcam, or even better, if you have a camcorder, connect that one to your computer. Most recent camcorders can be used directly for streaming, or you can connect one with an HDMI cable and a capture interface (eg Elgato)
  • Make sure you are setup for 720p (1280x 720) streaming on your camcorder, obs, etc … 

Setting up the immersion computer

This is the most fun (and rewarding) part. As artist, you will be able to see your audience avatars in REALTIME! So you can ask them for stuff to do, run in circles, jump up, applause, fireworks … 

Best setup is with a regular computer with a big flat screen or projector linked to it. Just make sure it doesn’t get in the way of your webcam 🙂

To start the immersion, just download the Soundstorm app, login with your account and go to somewhere on the stage where you have the view you like. Eg position your character just next to the stage where you are performing in game.