Early access

Building an interactive live streaming platform is not an easy feat.

We have to combine multiplayer gaming technology, with low latency livestreaming and broadcast, and have to push in all the crazy stuff you do on festivals as mini games. No worries, we got this, but this means that we don’t have a ‘standard app’ yet to download.

Once you have bought a ticket, and registered with your email and password while buying, you are good to go! You use your email and password to logon to the game, and all tickets checks and stuff is done automatically. 

No queue’s at the entrance !

How it works

Questions? We have the answers

Right-click on your screen and drag around, you’ll see the camera move. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. On Mac, you can zoom in and out by swiping your trackpad or mouse with 2 fingers. Attention, you have to enable the right click function on Mac (info about setting hotkeys can be found below).

Press on the I on the keyboard (or on Items in the menu bar). There you will see a number of logos.

Select one that you like and click Equip

You will find both men’s and women’s t-shirts in your items. As a man you can’t put on a woman’s t-shirt, and vice versa…

1. Assign hotkeys
First you have to assign the ‘hotkeys’.

  • Click on Skills at the top of the menu.
  • Then drag your favorite skills in the order that you want to the hotkey bar.

An alternative option is to left click on the hotkey and then choose your skill

2.Hoe gebruik je de hotkeys?

Rechtsklik met de muis op de keys.

Mensen met qwerty kunnen ook op de numerieke knoppen duwen boven je gewone letters.

Mac gebruikers opgelet, voor rechtsklik moet je iets instellen… lees hieronder wat en hoe.

To use the hotkeys, you’ll need to use the right click on Mac.

By default, right-clicking on Mac is not enabled.

Go to System Settings, and then to Mouse or Trackpad (whatever you want to use).

Change ‘Secondary click’ to ‘Click on the right side’.