Getting started

How it works

While we setup our own stream rooms to build up the knowledge and street creds to run this business, we invite everyone in the industry to contact us and setup their own infrastructure. Our end goal is that it would be ‘as easy’ as getting started on Twitch, Facebook Live or Youtube Live.

Regular live streams have a 20 second or more latency. This means from the first video frame capture on stage, it takes about half a minute to reach the spectators computer. This would not be desirable in an interactive stream, it would be kind of silly to finish one of your songs and have the cheers and applause coming in half a minute later. 

Therefor we work closely with our partners to achieve <2 low latency on the broadcast. From the moment you stop playing, or rally the audience to start that moshpit, they can act immediately and you will get the love that you deserve as an artist!

In essence, a good camera, a good audio interface (to link up your mixing panel) and a beamer should do the trick, so you can even get started in your own garage (taking Garagebands to the next level!)

Oh, and don’t forget to bring that awesome band 🙂



We like low tresholds, so we see OBS as a primary broadcasting platform for event organisers and artists. In OBS it's fairly easy to get started on streaming, but if you want some good quality, certainly read the info below on how it works.

Video Setup

  • Camcorder with an SDI or HDMI out, with a resolution of 1020p
  • Good HDMI or SDI capture card, linked to the Stream Setup computer running OBS
  • The camera should be mounted from a ‘fixed’ position, centered on the stage. Make sure it captures your stage as widely as possible.
  • During the stream, we try to ‘position’ you on our virtual stages like you would in real live. So don’t mind running around with the camera, zooming in on the massive drum solo, or anything else, the more you capture the entire stage on video, the better your ‘presence’ will be on the virtual stages.
  • we will provide you with the stream url’s prior to the event
  • follow our guidelines on setting up OBS (coming soon*)
  • Audio Setup

  • we’re assuming the artists have a mixing panel setup, that captures all instruments individually. Actually, think of it as you would setup _any_ live gig
  • the mixing panel has to send his audio to the Stream Setup computer, either you can link the mixing panel as audio source directly, or you have to use an audio capture interface.
  • For OBS, it’s important you get a stereo in signal from the mixer panel, and that will be the audio source of your stream session.
  • Switch off the audio source of your camera, as this will interfere with the Mixing panel audio stream

  • Immersion setup

    As we aim at full interactivity between the artists and the avatar audience, you want to setup a good immersive room.

  • Setup a large beamer or display in front of your stage, and hook it up to a computer
  • On the computer, login to the game, create a character and setup the viewpoint that you want to see
  • Meet and greet

    Every artist will get the opportunity to meet their fans inside the virtual venue in one of our beautifully crafted cafe's. All you need is a laptop with the Soundstorm App installed, logon and go to that bar. Switch the webcam on and talk with your fans all over the world.

    dark fantasy

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    Going virtual with a concert of a festival create new opportunities the dream up venues that are plainly impossible in real life. We’re designing new maps, worlds and experiences, or can build your own festival terrain.

    Market place

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    night life

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    $ 39
    • Virtual bars
    • Stores with webcam
    • Webshop integration
    • One stage
    • Mini games

    online festival

    $ 39
    • 3 festival maps
    • Multiple stages
    • Ticket system integration
    • Meet your fans / artist
    • Mini games

    custom event

    $ 39
    • Make your dreams come true
    • Custom festival map
    • Interactive livestream concepts