InterZone Terminal Venue

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The Interzone Terminal was started by the Shanghai Shipping cooperation in 2004 as a commercial freezone. However, the harbor authorities were not aware, that one of the largest companies working there, was the Intergalactic Shipping cooperation founded by Kabe Seitan. 

This froglike intergalactic smuggler was very unpleased when in 2021 the authorities decided to instate import taxes on all goods, So it (he/she/x) came with a larger construction spaceship, and ripped the entire harbour freezone out of the earth and catapulted the zone in space. 

Since then, the InterZone Terminal has been floating through the cold and dark vacuum of space, protected by an atmospheric bubble. It has become one of the major connection hubs in this part of our galaxy to say … do the darker trades.

As any darker commercial cooperation also requires a bit of shady entertainment, we have selected this amazing place to host a bunch of Soundstorm Events.

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