Welcome to the Soundcheck page.

Hi Artist !

Almost ready to play on one of our amazing stages? Let’s first double check that you’re ok to stream !

Book a meeting with the Soundstorm Crew on Facebook Messenger to do an online Soundcheck ! Check the purple button in the right hand corner on this page to contact us!

In the console below, setup your Microphone and Webcam as instructed on the Artist Streaming : Quick Setup  page.

Then, we will get a sneak preview of all the good stuff you will bring to the audience:)

Quick Tips

  • go to this page on your smartphone with earplugs on, so you can adjust your sound yourself !
  • if you can’t select a microphone or webcam, check that on other applications are using them. Try an in private or incognito session to make sure your browser asks for permissions to use your webcam or microphone/sound appliance.

Soundcheck – Soundstorm | 1

Next step 

Go to the stage page of the venue that you will play in and do a soundcheck in the Soundstorm App!

Mind that you can only do this on the day of the event you have to play, and you need to be logged in with your artist account to stream to the in app stages.