Soundstorm Release Notes

February 2021

Interzone Terminal

  • Merchant shop in Interzone Terminal. Buy real artist merchandise in game !
  • No more killzone in front of the stage.
  • We can now load some artist specific visual 3D items, without needing to reinstall. Sounds complicated, but adds some very cool effects to the experience …


  • Standard volume of sound effects is now 25%, so it doesn’t interrupt as much with the audio of our livestreams. If you think our sound effects are still too loud, go to the settings menu to lower the volume.
  • Sometimes your livestream doesn’t start automatically or takes a while to load. We have now added a button to restart the livestream without having to leave the venue.

Tweaks to the UI

  • Smaller and leaner chat window
  • When leaving the venue, you have the choice to go to the donation page (and don’t get redirected automatically)
  • We have added a survey button. Please let us know what your experience is at the end of the event so we can improve!!!

General bugfixes

  • Some avatars died when arriving on the venue and could not respawn anymore. That was the case when you previously died in another venue, but should now be fixed.
  • Sometimes you can not see the livestream on stage. When your computer didn’t have a webcam or audio recording device, the livestream didn’t want to start. This should be fixed by now

January 2021

Introducing the new venue Interzone Terminal! Designed by the amazing Shebnem Sadeki, this is a real exploration map. Climb stacks of containers, and collect cartridges to get new costumes! Oh yeah, and watch a good concert of course. This venue will be exclusively used by Muziekclub N9 in the following months for their livestreams.

We redesigned the webcam cafés from scratch, and you can go in there with up to 16 people! You can now select your webcam / microphone and audio device, in the webcam café’s as well as in the settings menu. You can’t switch ’em off though … ever tried switching off your face on a real concert?


Finetuned the tutorial to encompass extra features and the hotkey bar is now prefilled when you create a new character. We’ve also added an experimental feature, Auto Camera Follow. Toggle this and you don’t have to adjust the camera angle anymore by right clicking and dragging. Is best used with mouse for movement, as with the keyboard it’s still a bit glitchy. You can toggle this option in the settings menu.


So what’s next ?


Stay tuned for sure, as in February/March we will introduce a brand new venue named Klub14. Contributed to the platform by a very passionate, music loving artist Ward Vossaert. Prepare to be amazed!


We will also be introducing merchandise stores for Interzone Terminal, Masterblast, Pluto’s Playground and Klub14, for artist that want to sell merch during the concert.




We did a LOT of optimization on speed, the download is only 300MB for Windows and 450MB for Mac We also tuned and scaled the server so lag should not occur anymore.


We also fixed some audio quality issues, all that comes in should sound amazing (warning : greatly depending on artist playing :))There’s less usage on CPU and GPU, RAM usage should be down with at least 50%