Watch livestreams of your favourite artist in our amazing virtual worlds. 

Create your avatar, pick a costume, practice some dance moves and … 

Party like you have never partied before!

Towards a new interactive experience

We were sad to see the real life events go due to COVID19, and were amazed by how far the industry adopted live streaming to be able to reach out to the fans. However, for us, watching a live stream is like watching a concert on television, and we missed out the joy of experiencing music together. So we started imaging what a virtual festival would look like… and so Soundstorm was born.

Soundstorm brings a true interactive, mass multi user live streaming experience. As a music fan, you create and personalize your avatar. Login together with your friends and enjoy our festival worlds.

As an artist, you play in a streaming studio in front of a big screen, making you able to see and interact with your virtual audience. Rally them for sit ups, get applause, organize massive mosh pits or dance battles, the sky is the limit as we are continuously adding new festival features to our platform.

for the audience


Show of your skills in amazing dance battles! Train your skills in dancing, skanking, head banging, jump ups...

No more shame for your real dance skills as everyone here starts as a dance pro!


The artists you see rock, and you should show them! Give 'em a firm round of applause, cheer, set of fireworks ... tell these people they're good at what they do!

And if you like them a lot, give them a donation!

mini games

Ride Animals, Playful fights with your friends, playing soccer ....All the fun stuff you like to do when visiting a real festival ... in our platform!


No party without a proper dress up. Buy in game T-Shirts of your favourite bands, or just wear one of our hand crafted festival costumes or sponsor T-Shirts.

hang out with
your friends

Enjoying a livestream together is not longer constricted to hanging out in a boring chat room. Visit our cafes, merchant stores or start an in game webcam party with your friends from all over the world!

for the artist

challenge your

Mini games designed for and inspired by live festival interactions : Dance battles, mosh pits , sit downs ....

Tell your audience what you expect from them and rally them to follow!

get cheered by
1000s of avatars

Nothing beats the feeling of watching thousands of people enjoying your band on stage. Enjoy the amassed crowd in our virtual stream room and feel the live vibe again!

And you're not restricted to your own region anymore, we're available worldwide!

play everYwhere
you can imagine

Want to play on a fluffy cloud surrounded by unicorns, or on one of the moons of Saturn? Want to show off your capabilities in our Garage Band?

Got it! Endless opportunities open up as our venues are only defined by the limits of your imagination!

Get Visible, earn money

It's hard to get around as an artist, certainly the first few years.
Get better visibility and bookings by using our video captures as a showcase.

Through our webshops you can sell real and virtual merchandise to your fans, and while playing, the audience can donate money to support your growth!

meet and greet
your fans

No succesfull venue without a meet and greet. Walk around on the festival terrain and enjoy the crowd, or have a meet and greet with your fans in one of our bars!