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Towards a new interactive experience

We were sad to see the real life events go due to COVID19, and were amazed by how far the industry adopted live streaming to be able to reach out to the fans. However, for us, watching a live stream is like watching a concert on television, and we missed out the joy of experiencing music together. So we started imaging what a virtual festival would look like… and so Soundstorm was born.

Soundstorm brings a true interactive, mass multi user live streaming experience. As a music fan, you create and personalize your avatar. Login together with your friends and enjoy our festival worlds.

As an artist, you play in a streaming studio in front of a big screen, making you able to see and interact with your virtual audience. Rally them for sit ups, get applause, organize massive mosh pits or dance battles, the sky is the limit as we are continuously adding new festival features to our platform.

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