Watch livestreams of your favourite artist in our amazing virtual worlds. 

Create your avatar, pick a costume, practice some dance moves and … 

Party like you have never partied before!

Concerts in your living room

Soundstorm brings the live concert experience to your living room. In our slightly crazy concert venues, you can watch the livestream of your favorite artists on a  virtual stage. 

But that’s not all, they can see you too, so better make sure that your avatar looks mighty fine and that your dance moves are smooth!

And did we mention the llama’s? And the costumes?  

Throw rounds of fireworks, applause and emojis at your heroes and hangout with your friends in our sponsored webcam cafes.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the party started!

1. Download and install the Soundstorm App.
Click one of the buttons on top of the page to download the Soundstorm app for Windows or for MacOSX.

If you see the f0llowing warning (Windows only), this is a new version and it takes time to get recognized by Microsoft. The software is absolutely safe, you can see the publisher is Strike Force Alpha which is our company. Click on more info and then ‘run anyway’

2. Start the app

You can just start the application and select the server.

Log in as guest user. Your avatar will be remembered and linked to your Computer ID. If you want to use your avatar on other computers, create an account as explained in step 4.

3. Create an avatar

Go to event selection

Select an event by clicking join event. 

4. Optionally, you can create an account.

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5. Check the Frequently Asked Questions

You can find them here

Upcoming events