Attend concerts from your favorite artists in the


Soundstorm brings the live concert experience to your living room. In our slightly crazy concert venues, you can watch the livestream of your favorite artists on a  virtual stage. 


But that’s not all, they can see you too, so better make sure that your avatar looks mighty fine and that your dance moves are smooth!


And did we mention the llama’s? And the costumes?  The fireworks? Throw your applause and emojis at your heroes and hangout with your friends in our sponsored webcam cafes.



Download soundstorm in a matter of clicks

1. Download & install
2. Create account
3. Join concert

Amazing interactive features

Shoot fireworks



Ride lamas

Join virtual spaces

Unlock emotes

Upcoming concerts

What people say



The level of creativity and innovation in Soundstorm blew me away. The platform seamlessly merges tech and music, making that metaverse thing a whole lot groovier.


Soundstorm isn’t just another game, it’s a musical wonderland! The interaction, the energy, the virtual llamas – it’s the most fun I’ve had in the metaverse.


Performing on Soundstorm was like a wild jam session in another dimension. The audience interaction was next-level. It’s a game changer for artists like me!

Download Soundstorm

Immerse yourself in the melody of the metaverse. Your home, your avatar, our virtual stage. From your couch to the cosmos, the beat goes on!